Marketing, Sales And Retention

The Serenity Yoga studio software suite offers a comprehensive set of tools to help yoga studios stay ahead of the competition. With marketing, sales and retention tools, a full CRM suite to manage relationships with your clients, including email and SMS communications, push notifications in-app and a prospecting management system, you can easily keep in touch with your clients, promote your studio and gain new business.

Automated billing and debt collection system

The Benefits of Using Serenity Yoga Studio Software

Marketing and Sales Tools

Our marketing and sales tools make it easy to advertise your studio, manage customer relations and nurture leads. Our suite of marketing tools allows you to design and implement campaigns across email, SMS and print media. Our sales tools make it easy to capture customer information and quickly quote, approve and accept bookings.

Retention Tools

Our retention tools ensure that customers keep coming back to your yoga studio. We provide automated reminders and in-app notifications to keep customers engaged. Our suite of communication tools make it easy to keep in touch with your clients.

CRM Suite

Our CRM suite is designed to help you maximize relationships with your clients. Our tools make it easy to record and track customer information and interactions, allowing you to identify opportunities and implement targeted campaigns.

Why Choose Serenity Yoga Studio Software?

Serenity offers the most comprehensive suite of tools available for yoga studios to keep track of their clients, automate communication and promote services. Our customers love the ease of use and that our software integrates with some of the leading payment providers.
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