Serenity Bookings

Designed for beauty clinics and wellness studios who value their clients


Easy to learn + a pleasure to use


Fits to your needs, not ours


Access from anywhere


Treat your regular clients right

A booking system that cares for you, your business, and your members

Better For You

  • Client Management System
    A powerful client management system where your customers are the focus of your business, and your software
  • Payments
    Choose the billing provider that works for you, collecting payments online or during the booking process
  • Appointment Scheduling
    An organised calendar and resource management gives you freedom to work with simple or more complex bookings
  • Staff Management
    Organise your rosters based on what your business actually needs, and track staff commissions with ease

Better For Your Business

  • Marketing + Retention
    Get your message out to the right people at the right time with powerful targeted marketing & retention tools
  • POS
    Increase your revenue with a tablet-friendly POS screen, with inventory management that’s simple yet powerful
  • Greater Business Performance
    Visual snapshots of your reports make it easy to see trends & performance: revenue, staff performance, client retention and more

Better For Your Client

  • Client Benefits
    Ongoing commitment to your business deserves a reward. Manage your client benefits and give your customers even more reason to stay
  • Online Booking
    Like a virtual receptionist working 24/7, you can accept appointments around the clock with online booking